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« The Flash The New Rogues (HD, New, TV-PG) The emergence of Mirror Master, a new meta human, gives Jesse the opportunity to join Barry in the fight; Top steps in to help find Snart.
No Tomorrow No Holds Barred (HD, New, TV-PG) Evie meets Xavier's open-minded, polyamorous friend Tuesday and decides to explore her own boundaries; Hank and Deirdre experience a change.
The King of Queens Multiple Plots (HD, TV-PG) Doug is having a hard time when one of his customers comes to the door half-naked; Carrie tries dog-walking but ends up paying a kid to do it for her.
The King of Queens Frozen Pop (HD, TV-G) Arthur moves up to Carrie's office since a cold spell makes his basement room seem like a freezer, but Doug and Carrie can't handle him being upstairs.
The Andy Griffith Show Big Fish in a Small Town (TV-G) Howard kick starts the fishing season by catching the legendary carp "Old Sam," and later puts it in the museum, but guilt causes him to return "Old Sam."
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